RaceYaya Launches Its New Website – The Only Race Portal You’ll Ever Need!

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RaceYaya – an online portal for athletes, by athletes: shop, gear up, register, race, track results, help – launched its newly redesigned portal today.

The website offers clear and concise navigation through the Company’s value proposition and benefits offered: Why RaceYayaJoin a RaceGet Your Racing Gear HereBlog, and See What Fellow Runners Say About Us.   It provides a quick and easy access to what RaceYaya is all about, how to register to race, shop for gears, and blog posts that highlight the latest events in the running community and other matters that they deem very helpful for both the serious athletes and weekend warriors alike.  The feedback that the team have gotten over the years from customers and friends have been collated and applied; with the aim to better serve its clients with comprehensive understanding on the products and services that it offers and athletes with the latest and the best in the endurance world.

Who Is RaceYaya

The RaceYaya team is consist of fitness and running enthusiasts who are experts in their own professional fields in information technology, marketing and events, finance and race organization. Its team’s combined professional expertise and experiences have helped them to build the best technology suited for the endurance community of athletes, organizers, product sellers, and spectators.

How We Started

Like any other start ups, RaceYaya started over a conversation with a cup of coffee and hot chocolate between founders, Brian Tan Seng, Tin Ferrera and Iris Torculas, midway through their mountain hike.






“We are athletes, we organize and volunteer in races, we have been to races outside the country.  There are things that we feel are good to have but we do not have yet.  We thought back then that maybe, together we can…so, we started creating and meeting over coffee, good food and hikes, forming a good team from 98 Labs, Inc. and consulted with good friends in the community.”, says Tin.  (Photo: Glairold Racella Photography)

RaceYaya officially started in February 2016 as an online registration portal for runners and a complete race registration management portal for race organizers.

“We launched it for the 2016 Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon and it saved us time in managing our registration and allowed us to focus more on the more important race details.  We are particular in race qualifications so the portal made it easy for us to filter.”, Iris Torculas, Event Manager shared.

A few months after, the RaceYaya Timing Solutions was launched and had its debut in September 2016.  It didn’t take long until other local race organizers started using and testing the solutions we offer in their own events.

As of this writing, RaceYaya has partnered with thirty one (31) races with a cumulative ten thousand++ runners served through online registration fees and timing. RaceYaya have been present in races in four different countries.

“Technology is evolving and the needs of our audience is our top priority.  We do our best to manage those expectations and innovate. We learn from each race that we serve and we bake highly relevant features into the system. The idea here is to keep getting better and better. We are committed to continuously be open and adaptive to what the endurance community and its stakeholder need.  After all, we are athletes first before we became RaceYaya”, Technology Head and 98Labs Inc.’s Brian Tan Seng shares.

Lan Anlap, a Digital Marketing professional, joined the team in 2017 to complete the trio that you would often see in our #AskYourRaceYaya Facebook Live.  “We are here to build links and connections through our platform.  Relationships matter and we intend to capitalize on the tools we have now to strengthen and create bonds via RaceYaya”, Lan said

The team has mapped out its long-term goals, that is not only about technology.  The RaceYaya team hopes to be of service to the endurance community with the work that they do as yourRaceYaya and by helping deserving athletes explore their potentials outside the Philippines.

“Through RaceYaya, we hope to provide a venue where we: athletes; organizers; brand owners; our family and friends not in the sports; other members of the community; and other stakeholders in the sports can converge, unite, inspire and help each other.” remarked Tin Ferrera, Managing Director of RaceYaya.


RaceYaya’s new website will be regularly updated with the latest news, product launches, events, press releases, blogs, and team milestones.

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