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He is one of the strongest runners we know, and he just recently finished UTMB – TDS, a strong one at that. We would normally run into him up in the mountains of Rizal, and rarely do we see him walking, if at all. Just a couple of weeks ago, Kristian Joergensen joined one of the toughest 50km trail races in the country – the Ultra Trail Mapawa in CDO – as many runners who experienced it would agree. He came in third, just a few seconds away from Manolito. We were all smiling watching them laughing with hands clasped as they cross the finish line together. Such remarkable athletes. We took the opportunity to have a brief chat with Kristian about the race:

Ultra Trail Mapawa 50

Raceyaya: Why did you join Ultra Trail Mapawa 50 and how did you prepare for it?

Kristian: Because I won a slot from Asia Trail Master. Trained around 70 km per week.

Raceyaya: What makes Mapawa different from all the races you have joined?

Kristian: Good variation of scenery, nice rolling course profile with good gain.

Raceyaya: What was your overall race experience?

Kristian: Great venue, great people, beautiful place!

Raceyaya: What did you enjoy the most during the race?

Kristian: Scenery

Raceyaya: How would you rate it in terms of difficulty? terrain? view?

Kristian: It’s very tough because of the roller-coaster race course, no flats at all. Very scenic views with a good variation of dense forest, grasslands, waterfalls and rivers!

Raceyaya: Please provide your thoughts about the race organization? What are the good points? What are areas for improvement?

Kristian: Good complete aid stations, good markings, I can’t point out anything for improvements.

Raceyaya: If someone will race this course, what will you recommend them?

Kristian: yes!

Raceyaya: How did you find Mapawa Nature Park?

Kristian: Great, beautiful, very nice hosts!

Raceyaya: Any plan to join next year?

Kristian: Not sure.

You can view the Ultra Trail Mapawa 50 2017 Race Results here.

You can also watch some of the race highlights here.

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