Bromo Tenger Semeru 100, A Race Not to be Missed for Arief Wizmoyono

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“Since the first time I went to Bromo in 2014, I’ve loved this place and I always want to go back to race here. Bromo Tenger Semeru 100 is very different from all the races I have joined because it is located at Mount Bromo, which for me is amazing.”, says Arief Wizmoyono, 2017 Second Place, 170K category.

Arief Wizmoyono at BTS Ultra 2017

Arief Wizmoyono first joined BTS 100 in 2014 where he participated in the 70K Category.  “In 2015, I did the 170k category but the course was different because of the forest fire. With the original course this year, this is the hardest; crossing the crater of Bromo alone at midnight, suffering from hunger and cold.  Despite several times of vomiting and no energy, I have to finish this race and I really enjoyed it. ”, Arief shared.  The biggest challenge, Arief shared is passing through the Bromo crater after one has finished running 100 kilometers; jumping on the rocks could really be painful on the knees by then as he experienced.  Overall, it was an amazing experience for Arief and he is happy to meet and compete with great people, and he also mentioned that he enjoyed the view on foot.

We asked Arief about BTS100’s race organization, in terms of feedback and things that needed improvement, and he had a few suggestions, “The marking and water stations are quite good while there’s still a long queue for the RCP Collection. The information about food and beverages which was disseminated by the committee was less accurate, which might affect the runners strategy for nutrition. I also had a wrong strategy for nutrition but overall it was good.”

Arief has vowed to do BTS100 every year.   “BTS 100 is always present in the first week of November and this year is the 5th year. BTS 100 is one of the events which must not be missed, so yes, next year I will come again.” He recommends that runners really prepare for this race.  “This year I finished the UTMB and BTS 170k, I think that it is heavier than UTMB.  The runners have to prepare physically, mentally, along with (well-equipped) running equipment and good nutrition. BTS 100 is very cold at night so bring good equipment; it will be very helpful. Runners will pass through the sand sea which is one of the characteristics of Bromo, I strongly recommend to wear gaiter. I myself used Ahon gaiters.”

Arief Wizmoyono at BTS Ultra 2017, photo by Asia Trail Master

Photo by: Asia Trail Master


Arief Wizmoyono is a trail runner based in Bandung, Indonesia.  He started trail running in 2014.

He shared how happy he is now that many people do trail running in Indonesia; there is even an ultramarathon trail race almost every month.

His training regimen:  “In a week I train 2-3 times on a mountain with a duration of 2-4 hours. On the other days, I train on the stadium, doing tempo run. In addition, having a good rest and nutrition is a must.”

Arief was the 2015 Asia Trail Master Champion and was a strong contender in 2016, the year he got married also.  We asked him on how he feels on the possibility of winning the ATM Championship again this year being the current leading contender, “There are many strong and great runners such as Manolito Divina, Steven Ong, Wilnar Iglesia, Isaac Yuen Wan Ho, Yim Heng Fatt, Pablo Diago, and more, but of course I’m happy to compete with them and it will really make me stronger. There is no specific strategy, I just give my best in every race.”

ABOUT BROMO TENGER SEMERU: 170km / 102km / 70km / 30km
BTS 100 2017 welcomed nine-hundred ninety five athletes from twenty-eight countries joining four different categories at the Lava View Hotel last November 3-5, 2017.  Runners went through the natural beauty of the environment of Bromo Tenger Semeru National Park in East Java, Indonesia.  The race took runners through various sceneries and terrain in rural back roads, forest path, sea of volcanic sands, volcanic crater ridge at 2,200Masl with the distant majestic view of Mount Semeru, the highest mountain in Java at 3676masl and the tranquil lake of Ranu Kumbolo at 2400masl.

Only 10 runners finished the 170K category, a testament to the challenge and natural difficulty of the race.  The lower distances are not to be taken lightly as well, with finishing rates at 65% for the 30k, 50% for 70K, and 42% for the 102K.

View the Bromo Tenger Semeru or BTS Ultra 2017 Race Results Here.

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