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RegisterAtRaceYaya is an online registration portal for athletes by athletes.  Athletes may seach and register for a race that suits their interest and abilities. 

Here is a quick guide on creating a RegisterAtRaceYaya account and registering for a race.


RaceYaya user account is your perpetual registration profile that you can use to register for any race that is under RaceYaya.com.   The creation of an account is free of charge.

Your account can be used to register to any event you want to participate, check your registration status, communicate with the race organizer and view all your registration histories.

To create an account, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to RaceYaya.com

2.  Choose Register or Go directly to www.register.raceyaya.com

3.  Click Sign In at upper right corner

               4.   Choose either your Facebook account or Gmail account. Your log-in credentials (username and                                          password) is the same as what you use for these two accounts.

5.  The page will be redirected to a blank form. Please fill up all necessary information, especially the one                             with red asterisks.

6.  Click Save



Once you have a RaceYaya profile, you can register to any event you want to participate.

To register for a race, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to RaceYaya.com
  2. Choose Register
  3. Click Sign In at upper right corner
  4. Enter your log-in credentials. Please ensure that you log-in using the account that you have used to create your profile.

5.  Click the event and category you want to register to.

You may also go directly to register.RaceYaya.com or the direct registration URL of the event as posted or                      shared by the Event Organizer.  (Example: https://register.raceyaya.com/events/2019-new-balance-run-                      on-philippines)


  1. You will be asked for confirmation on the race, click ‘I’M GOING’

(Note:  Click “Register for another person” if you are submitting in behalf of another.)

  1. Your profile will appear on the screen. Please review the information you are submitting.  Please take note of additional information that the organizer may require (i.e., qualifying races or medical certificate).

7.    Click Submit after reading the waiver

An email confirmation will be sent to you.

8.  The screen will ask/prompt you to PAY.



  1.   After submitting your registration, the screen will ask/prompt you to PAY.

In case you have logged out and did not proceed with PAYMENT, you can log-on again and check your existing registration under MY RACES.  Click PAY

(To swipe right, click the three lines near the RaceYaya logo.)

The PAY button will not appear when the registration period has ended or the slots have been filled up.

  1. After you click PAY, your payment options will be displayed. Choose the PAYMENT method you will use.

  1. For PAYPAL

Click Paypal, you will be redirected to the paypal log-in page.  Log-in Using your paypal account.

After successfully paying via Paypal, the system will redirect you to your RaceYaya account.  The status of your registration will change to PAID.  An email confirmation will be sent to your account.

If the connection terminated during the process and paypal did not redirect back to RaceYaya, please email your paypal confirmation to [email protected].

If paypal redirected back to RaceYaya but your status of payment did not change, your paypal account is either “unverified” or is not approved.  Kindly email your paypal confirmation to [email protected].


Click Bank Deposit.  The bank deposit details will display.  The bank payment instruction is also included in the email sent upon submission of your registration.

Upload a copy of your bank deposit or a screen cap of your online transfer.

Enter the transaction number.

Enter the transaction date.

Submit or Save.

After successfully uploading the deposit slip, the status of your registration will change to SUBMITTED.  An email confirmation will be sent to your account confirming the receipt of your deposit slip.


Your submitted deposit slip will be verified with the bank.  Upon verification, the status of your registration will change to REGISTERED.


Participants may check the status of their registration via the email sent for each step.  The   participant may also log-in to their RaceYaya account and check their registration status.

For any inquiries, email [email protected]


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