TRAIL 50 MAPAWA Opens Registration for 2019!

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An abundance of breathtaking waterfalls…

Exquisite views…

Lush flora and fauna…

Get to enjoy a natural haven as you push your limits…

Join the 2019 TRAIL 50 MAPAWA on October 19-20, 2019!

TRAIL 50 MAPAWA is a trail running event inside the Mapawa Nature Park, a 2,500 hectare poperty that is protected, conserved and sustainably managed in the mountains of Malasag, Cagayan de Oro City in Mindanao, Philippines. 

Participants can sign up for the flagship event, Mapawa Trail 50 – 50 Miles with 4410M + elevation. Finishing this event within cut-off time will give one 4 ITRA points/UTMB Qualifying.

Link to Map is here

Its sister race 50km which has 3120m+ elevation gain earns one 3ITRA Points/UTMB Qualifying.

Link to map is here

Participants may also sign up for the 25km (1600M+ elevation), 15km (500m+ elevation) or the 6Km event.

MAPAWA TRAIL 50 is a race that gathers trail runners in a weekend trail party in Mindanao, runners of all abilities – beginners, enthusiasts, veterans; both local and international runners. Curious why some of our top trail runners in the country and Southeast Asia visit this race every year, register and find out.


Registration starts on May 15, 2019 and ends on September 15, 2019.  Late registration fees apply from September 15-30, 2019.


50Miles  –   P3500 *

50Km – P2800 *

25K – P1,800 *

15K – P1,500

5K – P1,000

*subject to qualifying races and submission of medical certificate


All registered runners will get a fully-sublimated AHON Event Shirt. Sizing is guaranteed only for those who are registered before September 15, 2019.


Make sure you get the right size!


Finish within the cut-off time and this will be hanging on your neck as soon as you cross the finish line. Make sure that you smile for the camera as we will make sure your finish line moment is covered!

Meals will be served for everyone, please stay for the awarding and some fun at the activity area with fellow trail runners.

Finishers of the 50k and 50Miles will receive a special finisher token. Watch out for the teaser on what this will be in our Facebook page.

MANDATORY GEARS                                           

By entering the race, each runner undertakes to bring with him/her all the mandatory items as listed below throughout the race.

Failure to do so will result in application of the time penalties or disqualification at the discretion of the race organizer.

50miles/50km Runners: Each runner must be self-contained/ self-reliant, complete with the following mandatory items:

  • Hydration bottle/ pack (at least 1.5 Liters for 50 miles and 1L for 50K) with water
  • Trail food
  • Emergency blanket
  • Cellular Phone
  • Drinking Cup
  • Eating Utensils
  • First aid kit
  • Whistle
  • Fully charged cellular phone with load
  • Headlamp/Flashlight and extra battery
  • Poncho/light jacket (optional)
  • Small Cash (optional)

25K/15Km Runners Each runner must be self-contained/ self-reliant, complete with the following mandatory items:

  • Hydration bottle/pack (at least 500 ml) with water
  • Trail food 
  • Cellular Phone
  • Drinking Cup
  • Whistle
  • Fully charged cellular phone with load

5Km Runners Each runner must be self-contained/ self-reliant, complete with the following mandatory items:

  • Hydration bottle/pack (at least 500 ml) with water
  • Whistle

NOTE: These mandatory items will be check upon checked-in at the starting line and will be randomly checked during the race for the 50M/50Km runners.

STARTING LINE CHECK-IN                                  

All runners must check in at the start line at least an hour and a half before the gun start to have their mandatory gear inspected and RaceYaya bracelet checked in. Runners without the mandatory gears and night time safety equipment will not be allowed to run.  Race Check in closes at 11:30pm for 50miles and 50k and at 5:30am for 15K.


There will be 7 Aid Stations along the race course for 50miles and 50K and 3 Aid Stations for 25K and 15K, runners must be self-sufficient in between each Aid Station and should not seek outside support.   Runners must bring their own water bottle or hydration packs to ensure proper hydration all throughout the race. Personal drinking cup is required as no paper cups will be used during the race. To avoid littering, bringing of water in single use PET bottles/Mineral Water Bottle is also prohibited. We will be posting the details of Aid Station provisions one month before race day.

Gunstart and Cut-off Time


50Miles/50km: October 20, at 12 mn

25km: October 20 at 4am

15km/5km: October 20 at 6am

Runners should check-in one hour before their respective gun starts.


50Miles: 21 Hours

50Miles Intermediate cut off time 

  • AS 2 (Hagpasun) 25K – 8 hours/8am
  • AS 4 (Koreano) 47K – 14hours/2pm
  • AS 6 (Dansol Lihon) 68k – 18 hours/6pm

50Km: 15 Hours

50Km Intermediate cut off time 

  • AS 3 (Koreano) 30K at 9 hours/9am

25km: 8 hours

15km: 5 hours

Runners who fail to arrive and leave at the checkpoints within the stipulated cut-off times will not be allowed to continue.

Awarding will start at 9:00am

Race Rules and Regulations:

1. No pacers or outside support are allowed.

 2. Littering is strictly prohibited. There will be garbage/ trash bags located at the aid stations. Violation of this rule will mean outright disqualification from the race.

 3. Trails will be clearly marked and marshals will be posted specially on the critical points along the course. All runners should run only on the marked trails. NO SHORTCUTS. Violation means outright disqualification from the race.

4. Participants who will come in more than 10 minutes late from the gunstart will not be allowed to race anymore.

 5. Race bibs must be worn in front of each runner.

 6. Trekking poles are allowed to use during the race.

 7. Baggage counter is available at the starting line.

 8. Drop bags must be properly secured and marked with the runner’s name, race number and event. Organizers will not be responsible for any loss or breakages.

Drop bag Stations will be at 25th  (50K) and 47th kilometre (50miles)

Drop Bag Collection: October 19, 2019, Saturday, 10:00AM – 5:00 PM, Mapawa Nature Park.

Bags must not weigh more than three kilos. Excess must be removed.

 9. In case a runner decided not to continue with the race, they must inform the nearest aid station or marshal.   Runner who fails to notify the organizers immediately, thereby setting in motion a search and rescue operation by the rescue staff will be liable to pay for the cost thereof.

10. SUPPORT CREW, FAMILY MEMBERS, SPECTATORS: are not allowed to go or roam inside the race course, they are also not allowed to give food, water, or any kind of support anywhere on the race course except in the activity area. Only the race officials, marshals, official photographer or media men are allowed to go inside the race course.

 11. The Race Director reserves the right to modify the course, rules and regulations under some circumstances for the safety of all runners.

 12. Written Protest should be made within 1 hour after the cut-off time in case there’s complaint against cheating or violation of rules. A protest fee of P500 will be collected to process the complaint.

The Race Director’s decision is final and non-appealable.


Complaints, especially on the podium finishers, must be made in writing with sufficient proof and should be submitted to the race organizer before the awarding ceremony.  Post-race complaints may be emailed to [email protected] with complete evidence.


1)    The organizer reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to make changes to the route and checkpoints/water station points or to the cut-off times.

2)  In the event of adverse weather conditions, the start of the race may be postponed or delayed.

3)  The organizer reserves the right to make changes to or eliminate certain stretches of the route.


Each participant expressly foregoes his/her image rights for the photos taken for the duration of the race and undertakes not to take any action against the organizers.


50 Miles: 4410m elevation gain/21H Cut-off
50K: 3120M Elevation Gain/18H Cut-off
25Km: 1615M elevation gain/8H Cut off
15Km: 600M Elevation Gain/5H Cut-off

Where to Stay and What to Do in Mapawa Nature Park

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