A Story of Endurance from the Trails to the Frontline

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We know Katrina as an athlete from Baguio City. She started as a road runner who eventually transitioned to trail running and has done some 50km runs. She is also a nurse and is currently working as a frontliner to help fight COVID-19. Last Friday she was one of the participants of our TGIF with Coach Iris.

TGIF with Coach Iris is a live free workout we are hosting on our Facebook page to encourage everyone to stay fit while at home. Apart from providing a venue for people to workout at home, we also give away exciting prizes to participants during these sessions to motivate them even more.

a screenshot of Coach Iris during last Friday’s TGIF session

Katrina actively participated in the workout and commented, “I am working out in my scrubs while in hospital quarantine waiting for the result of my swab test.” She also shared her photo and with that, won a new T8 Commando Underwear for herself.

Here is Katrina’s story:

“When COVID19 came to the country, everything changed in my daily life. Every time I leave the house for work, there’s this sense of fear that I might catch the virus and bring it home to my family. When I get to work, it’s the same process of donning our PPE’s. All throughout our shift, we’re very cautious about not picking up the virus so we keep on disinfecting our hands and almost everything we touch. When I get home, I disinfect my shoes and clothes, then leave them out before proceeding to disinfecting everything I bring into the home before taking a shower. It is tedious work but it’s necessary.

Our work hours have also changed. Now we work 12 hours per shift, 4 days a week. I feel a mix of emotions everyday. Most of the time, I feel scared. I also feel physically and emotionally exhausted. But our morals get boosted when people send us support in many ways.

In what we do, we need to stay focused and not let our emotions get in the way so I try to cope with it. Talking with my workmates about anything under the sun is one outlet of stress. Another coping strategy is to workout; we all know the benefits we reap from this. One big factor also that keeps me going is the support I get from my kids and husband!

Still I am hopeful. We have a COVID19-positive baby who was 10 days old when he was readmitted here. He’s still here in the same hospital and is recovering well. He represents hope.

Right now, what I can tell everyone at home is that it’s natural to feel scared during this time but we shouldn’t let fear take over our lives. Find strength in prayer, in your family and friends, and any source of positive support. There’s always something good in any negative situation; we just have to realize what that good thing is.

Always, always choose kindness especially at a time like this. Find any way to lighten up someone’s situation – any act of kindness counts. Let’s help each other in any way we can. We’ll get through this if we’d just all work together and cooperate. We are all after one goal and that is to flatten the curve until a vaccine or cure comes up.”

It is always a pleasure to have people of varying fitness abilities, but we are more than honored to have one of our frontliners joining and sweating with us during our Friday live workouts.

If you missed it or if you want to do it again, you can click on the link here: https://web.facebook.com/yourRaceYAYA/videos/1284745098387824/

Don’t forget to catch us again every Friday at 6pm for a session of TGIF with Coach Iris. Stay active, stay healthy, and stay at home, everyone!

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