Working Out with Family for a Healthy Pilipinas

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For a lot of people, staying at home means spending more time with family compared to how it was before the ECQ. Back then, the normal is spending a couple of hours, or even more, traveling to and from work and then half of the day in the office, which leaves us with only a few hours left for family plus the weekends. Now, we are at home the entire day which gives us more opportunities to bond with family members.

A good way to spend time with family is by working out at home. Not only does it give us a venue to form a stronger bond, but it also helps us keep ourselves and our families healthy and fit.

Department of Health (DOH) Healthy Pilipinas, in partnership with #YourRaceYaya, brings you this second video in the home workout series. This one is led by Coach Iris, to demonstrate how to workout at home with family members. The exercises are easy enough to be done by the kids or by anyone regardless of fitness level. If you are at the advance level, there are some modifications suggested in the video.

We hope you and your family enjoyed that quick workout. Keep posted here for another workout video in this series.

Remember to stay at home and stay active for a Healthy Pilipinas.

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