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Gratitude Amidst the Pandemic

Posted at December 21, 2020

Athlete turned entrepreneur - such is the story of Silamie Apolistar, more known as Seannah Swift in the endurance sports community.  She found  means to not just survive but thrive even in a crisis.

“A crisis within a crisis. Covid-19 is more than a health pandemic. It has also become a pandemic of unemployment across the globe. Million of people lost jobs and livelihood including me and my husband. I too gone through anxiety, depression and lots of sleeplessness nights.

One morning, I realized, our current situation can be really the new normal for all of us. It's time to face the new reality, told myself. So we decided to start our own micro business in May. It’s an Online Palengke we named “Inday Gulay.” Similar to other online sellers, we offer delievery services of fresh fruits and vegetables right in front of your door step.

A few months later we started another business called “Interna” where we sell a variety of plans and gardening materials. Our business was able us to provide food on our table, our daily needs and paid our bills. I know most of us are really down because of this traumatic pandemic we continue to fight against for almost a year now. We are all going through a hard time, but I always believe that we can and will do anything for our family.

Undoubtedly, gratitude is one of the tools we can use in any circumstances. When we give thanks for every little things, we make them visible again. When we’re able to do that, we give our happiness a little boost and train our mind to see the good, even amid so much bad. Keep the faith!”

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